Jade Jade Medina
Born January 10, 1995
Unilateral Cleft Lip, Alveoral Palate
When I first laid eyes on my daughter, born with a cleft lip, my initial feeling was pure guilt. What did I do wrong? Why was this happening to my innocent baby and to me? These questions and thousands of others raced through my mind a milion miles a minute. Then I began to pray, and at that very moment a doctor entered the room and told me about an organization called Operation Smile. She said that there was a local surgeon who co-founded Operation Smileand specialized in conditions like Jade's.

Jade had her first surgery at 28 days old. When her surgery was over we were called into the recovery room to see her. We were absolutely amazed with the transformation. I cried endless tears of joy and I could not stop praising God and thanking our doctor for the priceless gift that he gave our family that day. This cleft experience has been and continues to be tough at times. But with love and support from friends, family, and Operation Smile, we continue to perservere.

Shelby Johnson (Mother)
Tel: (586)863-3564

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Operation Smile

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