Surgery on Monday!

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Surgery on Monday!

Postby max's mom » Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:55 pm

Max is having his palate repaired on Monday - any last minute advice? They told me it would only be a 24 hour stay. For some reason I find that hard to believe. I'm pretty nervous and feel so bad for him because he's been such a happy little guy lately. Wish us luck!
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Postby Aidyl » Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:15 pm

I'll be praying for Max. I'm sure that everything will go just fine. It's wonderful that they can do so much these days. The thing that surprised me most about Quinten's surgery was how swollen his face seemed after the surgery and the blood coming out of his mouth a little bit. I guess if I had thought about it more it would have made sense to me...but I didn't figure that in. So I wasn't ready for it. We just loved on him alot and did everything that we could to make him comfortable. I'll look forward to hearing how it goes. Just remember that we're all thinking of you and praying for you.
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Postby Babyk » Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:22 am

We will keep you guys in our prayers as well. I think an overnight stay is pretty standard....hard to believe isn't it? We are scheduled for July 9 so not too far away now.
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Palate Surgery

Postby LanesMemee » Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:01 pm

Wear dark colors, in case there is drainage! Our surgeon requires a two night stay in the hospital, but they are all different in what they think is necessary. Our surgeon also uses a tongue stitch on occasion as a preventive measure. Lane was pretty swollen as well after the surgery but it went away pretty quickly. Our biggest problem was getting him to drink. We were not allowed to give him back the bottle and he didn't like the Nuby cup so it was pretty difficult to find something he would take. He used the soft sipp bottles for the first week and then it got easier. There did not seem to be a whole lot of pain involved after the first couple of days, just frustration with learning how to drink/eat enough to stay satisfied. We thinned everything down to a soup like consistency and he ate lots of cereal with fruit, pudding, yogurt, creamed potatoes with gravy. etc

You may want to ask your surgeon if Benadryl would be an option after the first few days. Seemed to help Lane with swelling and itchiness.

Daphne Sellers, Grandmother to Lane, 23 months old, BCLP, Alabama
Daphne Sellers,
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Postby Z-Pup » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:04 pm

yes where dark clothes, clothes you don't mind getting messed up.

We had surgery at 7ish Wed. morning we were home by noon Thursday. The only thing keeping us at the hospital was our ability to get fluid into him...he however did eat some baby food right up.

Zach had his last bottle ever 4 hours before surgery..he was allowed some pedilite. From Thurs to Tues Morning he did not use a sippy at all, wouldn't allow it in his mouth, it was sore. So three times a day I'd strap him into his high chair and feed him 8oz at the time with a syringe...the first few days he was NOT happy about it..but then he realized it was good stuff...and by Tuesday I knew his mouth wasn't hurting bad anymore so I took a Nuby cup and cut one of the slots out of it and he'd drink from that...then by the end of the week I took another top and didn't cut the entire slit out, just cut the bottom...then in a few days I gave him a regular lid and he did fine.

Good luck Monday, it's a nerve racking day. I was more upset when we had his lip surgery, and he did FINE afterward....I was much more laid back with palate surgery and he did HORIBLE was a very long day for me, and him...I think he was given too much pain meds when he came out of surgery and just wouldn't relax and go to sleep because he was bugged out and was on a nasty head trip. But once I finally got him calmed down that night it went good...he slept on my chest for six hours...that never happened before and hasn't happened since LOL...LOL and then I had to pee soooo bad I had to put him in the crib!

Wow sorry so long! *HUGS* oh and arm restraints SUCK...but Zach did start to walk 5 days after surgery cuz he was soo mad about the restraints LOL.
Lots of Love,

Zachary 9-21-06 Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate lovingly called Z-Pup after Daddy, who btw is O-Dawg. :)

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